#SDSW Takes Over San Diego and 10 Awesome Startup Tips We Learned

By Contributing blogger Glenn Letham 
on 18.06.2016 00:55

Once again, in true San Diego spirit, the local startup community proved their passion, commitment, and innovation during the annual San Diego Startup week event. We saw thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, students, and small business owners gather in mass to enjoy networking events, talks, pitches, panel discussions and more, all sharing a common passion for the Startup scene.

We saw many familiar faces at the events, some of them being current Co-mmunity members, some having already outgrown our co-working space thanks to rapid growth and success, others are perhaps future members as they take their business plans and ideas to the next level.

Naturally, we dropped in a number of sessions in order to get some business and marketing tips for ourselves. Sessions covered the entire startup spectrum, taking us from idea, to design, implementation, pitch, and beyond. We walked away making some great contacts, some new friends, and a notebook packed full of ideas.

10 Things that we heard that resonated with us include:

  1. You need something tangible to show to investors

  2. Advisors should get equity or become vested once they become more hands on, owners need to remember, don’t commit too big too early.

  3. As far as the pitch goes, potential revenue won’t wow them, but show metrics and how you can do it or how others did it

  4. Make sure you have both technical and business talent on your executive.

  5. Growth happens from the perspective of the customer, be sure to walk in their shoes.

  6. Be sure you understand your customer. Meet with customers and remember, it all starts with one customer. As you grow consider building a customer advisory board.

  7. Before you launch identify your tribe. Find out what they need and want. During launch confirm your assumptions and align your messaging. (Source: whyzze.com)

  8. Where are your customers going they are going for info. How are they being reached? Consider a tool like BuzzSumo

  9. Consider listing your startup in PromoteHour - http://promotehour.com/

  10. Keep it Simple and be sure that you have identified your ideal customer and answer Who, What, Where, When?

And perhaps most important for any startup, be sure not to fall into the trap and think that “My company is worth xxx million$$ simply because we have a great idea!

We could have easily come up with a list of "100 things we learned at SDSW" but we'll cut it off at 10! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out http://sandiegostartupweek.com/ and be sure to browse the hashtag #SDSW and #SDWS2016 on Twitter where you can see what others saw, heard and shared.

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