San Diego Open Data Portal Creates Opportunity for Mobile App Developers, Startups, and Entrepreneurs

By Glenn Letham  
on 07.07.2016 22:01

Several months ago the City of San Diego announced that they had plans to make more than 100 data products available to the public via their Open Data Portal. Details of these plans were made via the website found at According to the news resource iNewsource (see the data made available were selected by the public via a period of open voting. Today the City has made good on their promise of transparency by rolling out the San Diego Open Data portal at

Open Data is nothing new as government agencies at all levels have been making good on the movement towards open government and transparency by opening up data products to mobile app developers, mashup artists, healthcare developers, water quality professionals, solar power businesses and other entrepreneurs. We can applaud the Whitehouse and the efforts of for driving the momentum. This is great news for co-working spaces, incubators, and other hubs of creativity where savvy small business owners, developers, and the like seek out open data to power mobile applications, web services, and other creative, value-added businesses. The addition of 115 new open data products from San Diego will serve nicely to this community and hopefully fuel even more innovation.

Some of the data available include parking meter data (imagine identifying all the meters in the Gaslamp district that are under-used), water testing results, crime data, business permits and more. Visitors to San Diego Open Data are encouraged to sign up to receive their newsletter updates and those interested in diving in and getting their hands dirty can browse all the data at

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