Co-mmunity San Diego and Workinton coworking in Turkey partnership

on 08.04.2017 23:07
Co-mmunity San Diego and Workinton co-working facility, Istanbul Turkey, are pleased to announce a partnership collaboration aimed at aimed at helping build a entrepreneurship-based global start-up ecosystem.
 Co-mmunity San Diego is a valued member in San Diego’s business development strategy, which  includes fostering business growth, investment and attracting and retaining a talented workforce. Workinton, which is the fastest growing entrepreneur of the coworking industry in Turkey, serves Coworking, Virtual Office, Ready Office and Meeting Room services in its 5th year in 12 different business centers with 10.000 m2 area and 15.000 members and over 2000 institutional companies.
Workinton members also meet in an efficient networking environment, among the most central locations, fast connections, high concentration areas, free rich refreshments and carefully crafted coffee smells.

 The agreement between co-mmunity and workinton strengthens the collaboration of all the innovation partners in San Diego  and Istanbul.  Co-mmunity anticipates developing entrepreneurial programs jointly including  GlobalCamp San Diego and Wayturkey.copm among others. Members from San Diego will be able to have access to all workinton locations as a special rate and will have options to use the Turkish addresses as needed. Similar benefits will be offered to members of workinton looking to have Global presence.

“We’re delighted to announce this collaboration between Co-mmunity and workinton ” said Jacob Sapochnick, co founder at co-mmunity. “It takes an ecosystem to raise an entrepreneur. Partnering with workinton will help create opportunities for innovative companies in Turkey, San Diego and allow them to access an increased number of resources to help them grow locally and globally. We are excited about this and very much look forward to our collaboration.”

A number of events and company successes have already been realized through the extended partnership, with more planned for 2017 and beyond.