5 Ways to Put Your New Business on The Map

on 19.04.2016 04:21

Here's the scenario. you've been working hard for the past year, many late nights, early mornings and hundreds of hours spent at your co-working office space while you build out your startup. You have a hot new business and now you just need some customers. Once you’ve opened the doors you need to make it easy for customers to find you and learn about your products and services. Naturally, you turn to the web. In order to succeed these days, customers need to be able to locate you in Search and if a particular segment or local audience is important then you have to turn up in local search, most important, on maps and map services and via mobile search.  

But where to start?

There really is no one single solution (although many might argue that Google is THE one place where you have to be positioned well). The following are some of the TOP local search and map search tools and directories where you should make sure you are listed.

Get your business listed on Google  – when it comes to being found on the web you really do have to start with the biggest search engine there is… Google. For business owners, Google has a dedicated starting point where you can claim and/or register your business, Google myBusiness - https://www.google.com/business/

List your business on foursquare – When it comes to local business listings, local search, reviews, and customer engagement one of the first places to look at is Foursquare. Claiming your business is fast and simple and will allow you to alter the description and contact information, add photos, add helpful links and even include rewards for visitors and those who check-in to your venue. http://business.foursquare.com/claim/​

Add your place to HERE maps – HERE maps (think Nokia maps) is HUGE even if you don’t use it… although you should really give it a try! Make sure these people can find your business by getting listed in the HERE database.

Apple Maps Connect – You can’t dispute that there is a massive amount of iPhone and iOS users around the World. Keep in mind that all of these people also use Apple maps. So be sure that your business is listed with them! Do you own or manage a small business? Add or correct your business information to help your customers find you in Apple Maps. https://mapsconnect.apple.com/

Find and claim your business on yelp  –  Yelp is a huge local search resource and it isn’t just for restaurants and bars… if you have a brick and mortar biz then you need to own your listing. https://biz.yelp.com/support/claiming

Article by LBSzone.com, the home of location technology. 
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