San Diego is the Real Deal for Startups

on 03.06.2016 23:00

VC, Sun, Developers, Beer and #SDSW - San Diego is the Real Deal for Startups

The San Diego Start-Up community is alive and well indeed... actually, that might be a big understatement! For those of us involved in the Tech scene, we are well aware just how attractive San Diego is to small businesses, in particular, the local technology start-up community. With traditional startup zones like San Francisco and San Jose becoming too costly for many companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs have been heading South on I-5 and flocking to San Diego, and for good reason! 

An element that's likely most important to any startup is talent. San Diego is home to a wealth of talent and a diverse, skilled labor force, however, recruiting employees to San Diego is one of our greatest assets. San Diego is home to a young, educated workforce and they are lured here not only by career opportunities but by the supporting ecosystem including, great food, craft beer galore, sun, surf, beach, clean technology, fabulous co-working spaces and we could go on - it doesn't hurt having Fortune 100 companies here like Qualcomm either! Recently, Mindtouch ( looked at the local tech ecosystem and identified San Diego as being attractive to startups for such reasons as a concentration of  software developers, potential job and wage growth potential, and get this, regarding venture capital (VC), San Diego ranks 7th out of all top metropolitan areas in the US! 

The startup community is hugely important to us here at Co-mmunity. We offer up the perfect solution for those needing an immediate home for their growing business. Ideas are conceived here by the sole innovator who's just conceiving and crafting a business plan (we offer daily, weekly or monthly drop in rates) and those companies who have hit on something big and have grown out of their living room or local coffee shop. For the small startup we offer dedicated office space by the month, this also providing the business with a dedicated, secure space as well as awesome amenities like private meeting room, A/V room complete with high-end equipment (perfect for a podcast or Google Hangout), high speed Internet, and even an event venue complete with all the necessary equipment. 

Startup companies in San Diego take advantage of the presence of the Techstars program, the San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange (SDEE), Startup Weekend, and the ever popular San Deigo Startup Week. As the startups are important to Co-mmunity it was a no-brainer for us to get involved with San Diego startup Week. The event runs June 13-17 providing educational opportunities, networking, mentoring and more. We are so proud to have our own startups attending this year.  We hope everyone has a great time!

For those entrepreneurs visiting San Diego for the event we also want to remind you that Co-mmunity is an ideal office away from home while you are here honing your skills. We'd be glad to connect with you and invite you consider us should you have a need for some fine workspace while you are here. 

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